Being charged with a crime and being thrust into the criminal justice system is an intimidating and often confusing experience. You have numerous rights – both at the time of your arrest and after you are charged with a crime – that are vitally important in mounting your defense to a criminal charge.

The fact that you have been arrested does not necessarily mean that you will ultimately be charged with a crime. The days and weeks immediately following your arrest are a critical time. This is when your case file is being reviewed by the state attorney and their investigators to determine how you should be charged. Do not wait until you are charged with a crime to hire an attorney. You should have an attorney representing your interests during the investigation, prior to charges being filed. In many cases, involving an attorney in the early stages of the investigation can result in lesser charges being filed; or no charges at all.

Charles Waller has been defending individuals charged with criminal acts for over 40 years. Mr. Waller has conducted dozens of jury trials on criminal matters ranging from petty theft to first degree murder — and everything in between. Jarrod Scharber has followed in Mr. Waller’s footsteps and has quickly established himself as an effective litigator in misdemeanor and felony cases. Our attorneys are ready and willing to fight on your behalf to protect your rights and help you avoid being convicted of a crime.

Drinking, Drugs and DUI

Florida DUI laws are complex and sometimes hard to understand. Did you know that a breath test result over the legal limit of .08 does not guarantee that you will be found guilty in your criminal DUI case?

Our experienced attorneys are very familiar with DUI laws in Florida. We have a proven track record, both at trial and in motion practice, of securing reduced or dismissed charges; and acquittals at jury trials.

Many DUI cases are reduced or dismissed to reckless driving charges during the pre-trail motion hearings. Our knowledgeable attorneys can introduce a number of possible defenses related to the traffic stop and the evidence of intoxication that may lead in a quick resolution to your DUI case.

DUI cases are not limited to instances involving alcohol. Impairment due to prescription drugs, illegal drugs, or even over-the-counter medication may result in you being arrested and charged with DUI. Law enforcement typically will take a blood or urine sample for testing. Simply taking prescription or over-the-counter drugs can lead to a DUI arrest.


Many legal drugs impair driver’s ability to walk, talk, and make quick decisions. Illegal drugs such as marijuana can also affect the driver’s functioning of a motor vehicle. The prosecution of these kinds of cases if often difficult and technical. Call our office today to speak to one of our attorneys about possible defense strategies that might benefit you in your pending criminal case.

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