General Civil Litigation

In addition to the litigation services we provide in the areas of real estate, family law and our business and corporate law practices, Waller & Scharber has a robust and diverse general litigation practice that includes evictions, purchase and sale disputes, construction disputes and many others.  General civil litigation is any dispute that you have with another person where one of the Parties is seeking a money judgment or specific performance of an act through the filing of a lawsuit.

Find Experienced Litigators

In almost 50 years of combined litigation experience, our attorneys have trial experience in everything from eviction and civil theft cases; to neighbor disputes and homeowners association conflicts.  Our broad based knowledge in real estate, commercial and residential transactions, contracts and corporate litigation has equipped us with a unique set of skills to handle almost any civil litigation matter that you are facing.  Our team will give your case the personal attention it deserves, and make sure that you are ready for trial when the time comes.

At Waller & Scharber, we pride ourselves on the relationships that we forge with clients who are facing the stress and difficulty of litigation.  It is an honor to see our clients instill such a large amount of trust in our office; and the opportunity to serve our clients for many years, through many different legal issues is part of what makes our office special. Contact us today to talk about your business, and what we can do to help your organization.

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