Marital and Family Law is a very broad area of practice; and at Waller & Scharber P.A., we are equipped to handle all aspects of your family law dispute. Our attorneys regularly handle divorce, paternity, adoptions, child support, relocation, dependency, domestic violence injunctions and more.

What skills should a family law attorney have?

Family law litigation requires an attorney who takes the time to understand your life and your family. Every case is different; and you need an attorney who will get to know your individual family dynamic – including your relationships with your spouse, your children, your business, your assets and your liabilities. Divorce and other family law litigation can be very stressful; and you need an attorney that understands what you are going through, and can help you cope with the emotional rollercoaster that comes with these kinds of cases.

Family law attorneys have to be very well rounded. There is a tremendous amount of “crossover” from family law litigation into other areas of practice. It is not uncommon for a single divorce case to involve the division of real estate, business assets, creditors’ claims, tax consequences, equitable distribution, alimony and child support, and numerous other matters that you might not consider traditional “family law issues”. At Waller & Scharber, our broad range of clients and cases has armed us with the knowledge and skills necessary to examine all of these issues, and properly represent your best interests as you navigate through this difficult time.

Family law attorneys must walk a fine line between counselor and aggressive litigator; and be willing to wear each of these hats as the situation requires. A vast majority of marital and family law matters are resolved through mediation or other alternative dispute resolution methods – and it is important to have a skilled, experienced attorney advising you when a settlement might be in your best interest; and when you need to force the matter to trial. Mr. Scharber and Mr. Waller are skilled litigators; and have produced consistent positive results for their clients in the Courtroom. Knowing when to press the matter to trial and when to settle is a skill that can only be developed after many cases and many years of experience.

At Waller & Scharber, we are your advocate, your counselor, your advisor, and your attorney. Contact us today if you would like to speak with one of our attorneys about your family law issue.

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