In addition to being a practicing attorney for over 42 years, Charles D. Waller has been a certified mediator for several years; serving the Attorneys and citizens of West Central Florida with outstanding mediation and alternative dispute resolution services.  Whether at the Dade City Courthouse, in your office, or in our comfortable conference rooms here at Waller & Scharber P.A., Mr. Waller is consistently called upon by his peers to assist them in resolving their cases.

 “A Mediator — not a Messenger” 

Any plaintiff’s personal injury attorney or family law litigator has experienced the “mediator” who simply carries a message from one room to the other.  The mediator who is not familiar with subrogation, health care liens, child support guidelines and tax consequences of a settlement agreement.  That is not the case at Waller & Scharber.  Our attorneys have built their careers in the Courtroom.  They know about client control; and they can distinguish between a good case and a bad case.  Mr. Waller is skilled at applying pressure to both sides of a lawsuit – forcing attorneys and their clients to acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses of their respective positions, and move toward a compromised settlement.  When you are investing your money in mediation, you want a true mediator; not just a messenger.

Mediation at Waller and Scharber P.A.

If you are an attorney or a pro se litigant in need of a professional office with conference rooms, computers, wireless internet, scanners and copiers at your disposal; our offices at Waller and Scharber are the perfect venue for your next mediation in Pasco County.  We have hosted mediations with up to 5 parties; and are able to comfortably accommodate even the largest and most complicated groups of litigants and attorneys in our office.  Call us today to reserve your mediation date with Charles Waller and put his 40+ years of litigation and dispute resolution experience to work for you.

Travel and Rates

Despite his years of experience, Mr. Waller does not charge for travel time; should you decide to host your mediation in your office or at the Courthouse.  If scheduled far enough in advance, Mr. Waller can attend your mediation and give you the very best opportunity to bring about a settlement of even the most complicated case.  Attorneys all over west central Florida repeatedly seek out Charles D. Waller for his expertise in client control, playing “devil’s advocate,” and bringing a new perspective to contested litigation that often results in settlement.

If you have been ordered to attend mediation; or if you are simply tired of the stress of litigation and want to explore the possibilities of settlement, call or email our office today to schedule a mediation or settlement conference with Charles D. Waller.

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