Comprehensive Real Estate Services

Our office offers a full range of real estate services including property transactions, closings, title services, boundary disputes, land use issues, easements, partitions and litigation. Charles Waller has been a licensed title agent for over 30 years; and our closers and paralegals have combined experience closing real estate transactions. Jarrod Scharber has been licensed to write title insurance for 6 years; and works with numerous realtors, mortgage brokers, bankers and other professionals to ensure a smooth and professional transaction.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, employing the services of a real estate attorney is vitally important to ensure that your interests are represented at the closing table. In most cases, our transactional services cost less than the services charged by a title company – while at the same time; you gain the benefit of having a real estate attorney oversee every step of the process. Whether you are a party to a traditional transaction; or if you are seller financing and in need of a promissory note, mortgage, agreement for deed or other contractual services, our firm is well versed in all matters related to the purchase and sale of land.

Contact us today to discuss your upcoming transaction, and discover how the services of our attorneys and closers can make buying or selling real estate a trouble-free experience.

Residential Purchases and Sales

Purchasing a home will likely be one of the largest financial decisions you make in your life. Issues can arise during all stages of home buying. Deciding where to live may be the first question to answer, but make sure you know how to pay for your new home, how to make an offer, and how much should your offer be. Also, ensure the house is inspected, deed prepared, and repairs made all before the closing. It is important that you have protected yourself before you sign any final documents. Make sure you know the answers to potentially damaging information such as:

1.  Are there any zoning violations with the property?

2.  Are there present or past environmental hazards a problem on the property?

3.  Are there covenants or restrictions on the property that would limit my use of the property?

4.  Will my mortgage change over time? Can I afford to make all the payments over time?

5.  Are there potential issues with the chain of title to the house that may interfere with my full ownership of the property?

6.  Is the property value estimate accurate?

7.  What are the real estate taxes in my area?

Owners can protect themselves from these issues and others by taking the time to find all the information about buying real estate and discussing any potential problems with a real estate lawyer.

Property Disputes and Litigation

In addition to the transactional services referenced above, Waller & Scharber is equipped and has the experience to handle a wide range of property disputes. Boundary issues, encroachments, easements, partition suits, quieting title, and land use and zoning matters are common issues; and our firm has been litigating and resolving these disputes for decades.

We represent over 15 homeowners associations, condominium complexes and parks. We assist with the collection of membership dues; and the filing and foreclosure of liens and judgments. We represent numerous contractors and sub-contractors; and have extensive experience with the Florida lien laws and mechanic’s lien collections. We have assisted developers with questions related to land use, taxation and zoning. At Waller & Scharber, we truly meet the definition of a “full service” real estate firm; as we are equipped to handle any and all of your transactional and litigation needs.

Why Should I Hire A Real Estate Lawyer?

In most real estate transactions or disagreements, there is rarely anyone looking out for your best interests. Realtors and bankers are commission driven; and do not place your best interests as their highest priority. Traditional title companies have to charge confiscatory rates for their transactional services – but in most cases, they are not truly your representative. You have the right to involve a real estate attorney in every transaction. In most cases, you are already paying fees and costs related to title insurance, closing services and the preparation of documents. Involving a real estate attorney in the process will often result in no increase in your costs; but will arm you with an ally in what is undoubtedly one of the most important transactions of your life. Call us today to find out how we can help.

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